Samsung Frame TV Installation

One of our most popular installations due to the aesthetics it provides the modern home.   


In the realm of modern technology, Samsung has consistently led the charge in innovation and design. The Samsung Frame TV, a perfect fusion of art and technology, stands as a testament to the brand’s commitment to redefining home entertainment.

Unveiling the Samsung Frame TV

A Masterpiece in Design

The Samsung Frame TV transcends the conventional idea of a television, seamlessly integrating into your living space like a piece of art. With its slim, customizable bezels and stunning 4K UHD display, this TV effortlessly masquerades as a picture frame, displaying artwork or photos when not in use.

Art Mode: Beauty in Standby

One of the most captivating features of the Frame TV is its Art Mode, where the screen transforms into a gallery, showcasing an extensive collection of artworks, paintings, and photographs. This elevates the ambiance of any room, offering an ever-changing visual experience when you’re not actively watching TV.

Customization and Personalization

The Frame TV doesn’t just mimic an art piece; it allows you to select and showcase art that aligns with your taste and decor. The Art Store offers a vast library of artwork, enabling users to curate their own virtual art collection. Furthermore, the TV’s customizable bezels enable you to match or contrast your frame with your interior design, ensuring a seamless blend with your home aesthetics.

The Technology Behind the Elegance

Cutting-Edge Display and Picture Quality

Boasting a 4K Quantum Processor and QLED technology, the Frame TV delivers stunning visual quality. The Quantum Dot technology offers a broad spectrum of colors, deep contrasts, and exceptional brightness, ensuring an immersive viewing experience. Its HDR capabilities provide vibrant and true-to-life colors, even in the darkest scenes.

Smart Features and Connectivity

As a Smart TV, the Frame TV comes equipped with Samsung’s Tizen operating system, providing easy access to a plethora of streaming services, apps, and other functionalities. Its compatibility with voice assistants like Bixby and Alexa simplifies control, making navigation and content search a breeze.

Seamless Integration into Your Space

The Frame TV incorporates a no-gap wall mount, ensuring it hangs flush against the wall, just like a real picture frame. It also includes a One Connect box, consolidating all your external connections to a single, almost invisible cable, preserving the clean, minimalist look of your living space.

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