New Episode Radiance Outdoor Audio and Lighting

Episode Radiance is the modular, all-in-one-wire outdoor audio and lighting system you didn’t know you needed! With patent-pending ACE technology that enables audio and lighting to run over a single 2-conductor wire, you’ll enjoy simplified wiring and reduced install time. Enjoy the safety, comfort and entertainment all year in their favorite outdoor spaces with Radiance.

  • Deliver audio and lighting on a single 2-conductor wire—an industry first!
  • Each speaker radiates sound in a 360-degree wide dispersion pattern and a uniform coverage area without “hot spots”—even when mounted right side up, or upside down.
  • The Episode Radiance light modules are 7W and share the popular common color temperature of 2700K.
  • The MB-1 combines up to 500W of Audio and up to 300W of lighting in one small footprint.
  • Nearly indestructible die-cast zinc design with IP66 rated speakers, subwoofer, light module, and accessories .
  • Modular and tool less Twist-To-Lock attachment makes adding light to any speaker or blank fast and easy.
  • Stake, pendant, surface, and wall mounting options  for lights, speakers, blanks or combinations.

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