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Why Architects Home Builders and Designers Need A System Integrator!

Save Time , Money and Frustration

No matter how large or complex your outdoor A/V project is, you want to avoid costly last-minute changes. You don’t want to dig up speakers, rewire a TV or move some critical component because some minute detail was overlooked in the planning stages.

You can avoid these potential pitfalls by working with us as soon as possible on a project. This way, we work with you to achieve your customers’ vision while minimizing the chance of errors from the get-go.

Experts in Wiring and Placement

You know your way around a home design plan, but what about the hardware, wiring, and technology needed for a home automation system? What if your client desires a feature like lighting control or whole-home audio that requires custom designing?

With an integrator at hand, you’ll save yourself stressful guesswork and hours you’d need to spend researching technology.

For example, If an integrator consults with you before the project starts, they could consult on where to place outlets for AV equipment. That way, you won’t need to go back and re-wire or rework walls to connect technology throughout the house.

Improve Home Design Aesthetics

As you know, technology can distract from the look of a room. Control4 gives you the flexibility to show or hide away the entertainment equipment in a room and control all tech from a single remote.

Multi-room video connects all the TVs in a home together, hiding away technology while still giving the owners access to all their content. They can also easily stream a station or show in multiple rooms at the same time, perfect for entertaining.

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